Why Smoking Is So Bad For You


Smoking is one of those bad habit that harms us in so many ways. If only people could really understand the damage it does, then it may at least make some smokers take a conscious effort in trying to quit. I understand that nicotine is very addictive; many have tried to kick the habit but have not been successful. However, for some it may require several attempts before they are able to stop. If you are one of those who have tried to quit but haven’t been successful, then don’t get disheartened. Keep trying, I know several people who had to make 4, 5 attempts until they were successful.

In this post I’m not going to lecture you and make you feel bad for smoking. I’m simply going to explain and outline what smoking does and how it affects your overall health, appearance and well-being. After that if you still choose to continue then it is entirely your decision.


Stinks – Let’s be honest, those that smoke carry a very unpleasant smell around them. Everything from their clothes, hands, hair, car and breath are affected. One of the worst things about smoking from a hygiene perspective is what some refer to as the ‘smoker’s breath’! The odour is very bad producing an ashtray like smell from the mouth. Gum disease is evitable which will lead to the tissues to decay causing further bad smell and serious oral health issues.

Stains The Teeth – Having a bright white smile is not only attractive but it gives self-confidence. If you smoke then you can say goodbye to a bright white smile. One of the most obvious negative factors of smoking is how it affects oral health. The tar that is inhaled through smoking penetrates into the teeth causing them to lose their natural colour. Instead you are left with yellow unattractive teeth – Not good.  

Wrinkles – Make no mistake smoking will definitely accelerate the ageing process. A non-smoker will tend to have much more supply of oxygen to the face, allowing better blood flow. However smokers will have much narrow blood vessels due to the nicotine in cigarettes. Narrow blood vessels means less blood flow to the skin, add in the thousands of harmful chemicals from the tobacco, result – dull, loose skin full of fine lines and wrinkles. You can always tell if a person smokes just by looking at the wrinkles or tone of their facial skin.Why Smoking Is So Bad For You

Kills Taste Buds – Cigarette smoking is not only disastrous to your health but it affects other things such as how you taste food. Some of us really enjoy eating, when we go to a restaurant we like to taste each and every flavour in our curry. If you smoke, unfortunately you will not get to experience this pleasure. The taste buds on your tongue lose their sensitivity resulting food to taste bland rather than being able to absorb the flavours.

Mental Issues – People wrongly assume that smoking helps to reduce stress and anxiety. This is in fact incorrect. Though initially smoking may cause the brain to relax, it is only temporary. The moment the affect wears off the smoker begins to get more anxious and needs to smoke again. This no doubt creates a viscous cycle where the person is no longer in control. Those unfortunate smokers who are heavily addicted to smoking find that they cannot go without smoking in order to take part in everyday activities such as socialising or facing challenging situations.

Expensive – If all the above factors were not able to get you to quit, think about how smoking affects you economically. All that money you spend on cigarettes, if you were able to save, you could spend it on many other things, such as a new phone, a laptop, a holiday, or even pay off a whole year’s car insurance! Seriously it is a very expensive habit and one that will continue to become even more expensive over time.


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