Why Olive Oil is Great for Your Skin

Now that we are slowly beginning to see the summer months coming, it is important that we take extra care of our skin. No doubt, a good skin care regime is a must throughout the year. However in summer we must take extra precautions, such as wearing extra sun protection.
However today I’m going to talk about a wonderful way to really hydrate and bring a natural glow to your skin, by using olive oil! Yes, you probably have walked through your local supermarket aisles many times and didn’t know what this wonderful oil can do for your skin.


Which Olive Oil to Buy?Why Olive Oil is Great for Skin

Sometimes there are so many different brands, companies, types that we are so confused and unsure which one to buy. That’s why I’m here.  As with anything (if you read my other posts you will know this), I always explain that you should refrain from the chemically processed products as much as you can. The same applies here; buy an olive oil that has a high grade which has been made naturally, the most obvious type would be high quality extra virgin olive oil. The chemically processed ones will not be as effective and you won’t see the benefit effects on your skin.

Let’s look below at some of the wonderful ways olive oil really helps your skin in ways you would never have thought was possible.


Glowing Illuminating Skin – If you are one of those people who have a dull, ashy and lifeless complexion (that’s a mouthful) then you should try olive oil. It will really brighten and give life to your skin. Rather than going to tanning salons and wasting money or risk getting skin cancer, you are better off using olive oil on your skin. I normally, at night after washing my face with a cleanser apply olive oil onto my face and go to sleep. In the morning I discover my skin has a healthy glow which even my work colleagues notice and are always asking what I use. Trust me you need to try this.

Skin Exfoliator – Itchy, dry skin especially in the summer months can be a real pain. Rather than buying expensive products for which there is no guarantee that they will work, you should try olive oil. It’s very simple, mix some olive oil with brown sugar or sea salt and gently rub onto your skin. You will notice overtime, the scaly dry skin will be removed and instead soft healthy skin will appear. This method is much safer than some of the products that contain strong harsh chemicals.

Makeup Remover – Now we all know never to sleep with makeup on. But sometimes when we are tired it may be really hard work to remove those layers of makeup we have plastered all over our face. We know we have to be gentle but can’t help trying to scrub it off – Ouch! Let olive oil come to the rescue. Olive oil is a really effective and safe way to remove makeup.

Apply some olive oil onto a damp cloth or cotton pad and gently remove the makeup. Be careful not to rub the skin vigorously and instead apply gentle motions. This will ensure the removal of your makeup, but also it will hydrate your skin as well.

Fine Lines – Our laughter lines can really give away our age. For some of us these lines are very profound and a bit too deep. Applying olive oil is a really effective way to reduce these lines. What’s more is that it doesn’t stop there, olive oil also makes the skin very soft and supple as well. Apply it regularly and you will no doubt notice how great your skin both looks and feels.

Body Oil – Why limit the benefit of this wonderful oil only to the face, let your body also benefit as well. After having a shower and drying yourself, apply olive oil onto your entire body. You will see how the skin tone and smoothness improve. The skin will not only have a healthy glow but there will also be smoothness to the skin. Also by massaging the body you allow better blood circulation, thus increasing nourishment to the skin.

Smooth Lips – Those of us who suffer from dry cracked lips could really do with some olive oil. Applying a thin layer of olive oil a few times a day can really tackle this problem and ensure your lips are moisturised. Even better, you can mix a little sugar and olive oil together to create a lip exfoliator. This will really help remove the dead skin on the lips and reveal softer, smoother lips!   


Try it and let me know how you get on. Good skin care doesn’t have to be about buying expensive products, it could be as simple as buying something from your local grocery shop! Read my other post about another oil – Almond Oil. This too has many of the similar benefits.


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