Moisturiser: Why is it Important to Moisturise?

The skin on our face goes through a lot of abuse throughout the day. Different weather conditions and climates really put the skin under stress. We also do not have healthy eating habits and as a consequence the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. The way to tackle these problems is to moisturise the skin, regardless of whether you have dry, normal or oily skin.

The skin produces its natural moisturiser – known as sebum. However when we wash our face we strip this oily coating from the skin. This now exposes the skin to dirt, pollution and the sun. Therefore, by not replacing that barrier with a moisturiser we are not protecting it. While moisturising regularly will ensure the skin is protected, it will feel clean and will definitely slow down the process of aging. You also have to be aware that you cannot moisture your face regularly if you are not washing it regularly as well. That’s why it is important to cleanse as well as moisturise.

All skin types need moisture; however those with dry skin, moisturising is even more important as the production of sebum is much lower compared to oily skin. Therefore by neglecting this process, this skin type will crack and breakout much more easily.
Different skins need different creams
People have a variety of skin types. Therefore it is important to understand that different moisturisers need to be used on different skin. It is worth investing in a good quality cream while at the same time it is also important to buy one that is suited to your skin. If for example, your moisturiser makes your skin really oily then clearly you are using the wrong one. Whereas, if your skin is still dry after using a moisturiser then again you are not using the correct one.

Moisturiser: Why is it Important to Moisturise?


Get the best out of moisturising
To get the best out of moisturising, make sure your skin is clean by using a good cleanser. In addition to this, at least twice a week make sure you use a facial scrub. This will ensure dead skin is removed from the outer surface allowing the moisturiser to absorb more effectively. Also never ever rub the skin vigorously when applying moisturisers. It will make the skin look rough and will create wrinkles. In fact even when washing the face do not rub the skin. Instead, be gentle and pat the cream on your face and spread it in a circular motion.

As sun protection is so important, when purchasing a moisturiser make sure it contains SPF. Read more about the importance of sunscreen.


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