Top 5 Homemade Skin Care Recipes You Have to Try

Let’s face it, when money is tight, the last thing you want to do is go out there and buy expensive products that will put a dent in your wallet. What’s more is that some of these products don’t seem to work. You only wish the companies would spend more on the actual product itself rather than concentrate on the marketing gimmick. Don’t worry, there is another way. You may not even realise, but the things in your kitchen cupboard can do wonders to your skin in ways you had not even imagined.

Below I’m going to look at some of the most effective homemade skin care recipes that will really beautify your skin and make a real difference. They are a cheap but also an effective alternative to buying expensive products.


Yogurt Face Cleanser – Yogurt has many benefits to your health therefore it is no surprise that it also beautifies the skin as well. However, here I am referring to natural plain yogurt rather than the artificial sweetened ones.

Get about one or two teaspoon of plain yogurt and add a few drops of lemon then apply this generously in a circular motion all over your face. Allow it to sit for a few minutes then wash off. If you have a dull complexion or suffer from hyperpigmentation then this treatment will really benefit you. Over time it will lighten and make the skin clearer.


Banana and Honey Face Mask – Bananas are loaded with so many nutrients and a banana face mask will really take your skin to the next level. I use this on my face and can honestly say that I do notice a difference.

Get a banana and mash this with a spoon until it a pulp is formed and then add half amount of honey and mix this well. Apply the mixture onto your face and allow it to sit for around 20 minutes. Then wash off and moisturise the skin.

Bananas have anti-ageing properties, it will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while the honey will nourish the skin making it soft, supple and give a radiant complexion. This face mask is amongst one of my favourites.Top 5 Homemade Skin Care Recipes You Have to Try

Dark Under Eye Circles – Dark circles are one of the most common and nagging problems many of us have. What’s more is that to find an eye cream that actually works is another problem.

Cut some cucumber slices along with some tomato and potato chunks and place this inside a blender. Allow a medium paste to form, then get some cotton pads and soak this paste and place onto your eyes for around 20 minutes. The rest of the paste can be put inside a container in a fridge and used later. You have to be patient. Do this daily, and over time you will notice the dark circles will disappear.  

Lip Scrub – Having beautiful lips is just wow! You can achieve this by exfoliating your lips. Exfoliation will make the lips soft, smooth and show a healthy natural pink colour. Get one teaspoon of granulated sugar, one teaspoon of almond oil, one teaspoon of honey and a dash of lemon juice. Mix this well and gently scrub on to your lips. Doing this about 3 times a week will remove the dull skin and reveal a healthy pink tone.

Foot Scrub – Some of us may suffer from dry cracked feet. It is not a pleasant experience and sometimes can be embarrassing. A very quick and effective homemade remedy is available.

Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar and almond oil and form a medium paste.  Then before having a shower rub this paste onto your feet, ensuring it is applied on the heels, sides and on top. Then wash this off. When you’re done, you can apply olive oil and wear some socks. This will make your feet even smoother. I would suggest doing this at night.


Try these natural homemade skin care recipes, not only will your overall skin's health and appearance will improve but also you save a lot of money!


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