Top 10 Skin Care Mistakes

Let us analyse some of the worst offenders by looking at the Top 10 Skin Care Mistakes. People commit a variety without even realising them. Some
are so obvious while others are hard to spot. Anyway, in no particular order let’s have a look.
1. Sunscreen. The lack of it or even worse, not wearing it at all will certainly make your skin look old and speed up the aging process. It is ironic that we spend so much money on anti-wrinkle creams and beauty treatments that we forget the most important thing of all. Do you know that even on a cloudy day, the harmful UV rays of the sun affect our skin. Therefore, it is so important that we apply sunscreen. Furthermore, when we go for treatments such as skin exfoliation or derma-abrasion we expose the finer layers of the skin even more. In this case, not wearing sunscreen will actually make the skin worse than it was before. Find out the importance of Wearing sunscreen.
2. Smoking. It is obvious that smoking is not a healthy habit in any sense. But when it comes to your skin, it really does serious damage. Smoking will certainly damage your skinAs we naturally age our body produces less collagen. Smoking in fact accelerates the breakdown of collagen further and narrows the blood vessels in the body. This leads to skin that looks grey, dull and wrinkly. By quitting smoking not only will it improve the skin but your overall health and well-being will drastically improve as well. Your breathing and sense of taste will be much better.
3. Lack of care around eyes. As we grow older, the first signs of aging start around the eyes. This could range from dark under eye circles, wrinkles or crow’s feet. Firstly, the skin around the eyes is much more delicate compared to other parts of your face. Therefore, facial creams are not really made to use on this area. Instead you should go for a good eye cream that has spf. You should avoid squinting and on hot days you should wear large glasses to protect your eyes from the sun.
4. Wrong skin care product. Not all creams are designed for all skin types. What that means is, some creams are made for oily skin while others are made for dry skin. Therefore, before you go out and by the latest cream make sure it is one that is for your skin type. Otherwise, rather than improving your skin it could have adverse effects, such as acne or excessive production of sebum.
5. Changing skin care products too often. Now you’ve heard of the saying ‘patience is a virtue’. Well, this cannot be any truer when it comes to skin care. With any product, it usually takes around 3 months to really see the benefits. Therefore if you’re going to buy different products every month then you’re really not giving it a chance and simply wasting money. The idea is buy something, try it for long enough. If you’re not happy then try something else.
6. Exfoliating too often. No doubt it is a good skin care regime to exfoliate your skin. However doing it too often will really harm the skin rather than improve it. It will make the skin dry and itchy. If the skin becomes too dry, the body has a tendency to produce its own oil and tries to compensate by moisturising. This leads to skin becoming dull, oily and greasy. Therefore, you should really exfoliate your skin about 2 to 3 times a week. Read my other post on Face scrub and Exfoliating.
 7. Not drinking enough water. We know how important it is to drink water. But it is also important for our skin as well. There are so many toxins in our body. By drinking water we wash away all the toxins, thus giving the skin a more clearer complexion.
8. Poor diet. Beauty is not only about the outer exterior. It is also from within. It is no secret that you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables. What this does is, it ensures your body receives the nutrients to fight off illnesses and aids the healing process. Healthy eating is not an option. It is a must.
Don't over exfoliate your face9. Out of date products. With everything else in life, skin care products also have ‘best use by’ dates as well. Using products that are out of date will certainly make your skin conditions worse. The obvious question you might be asking is ‘how do I know whether my skin care product is out of date?’. There are a few views on this. However, the general agreement is that anything over one year should not be used.
10. Too many products. Some people will use a harsh cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, face mask etc etc. If we go crazy and try to use every product out there, we are certainly asking for trouble. Not only will this lighten our wallets but simply put, the body will not be able to absorb all the ingredients.


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