Skin Care Myths Busted

There's so much written about skin care products and with adverts flying everywhere, people are brainwashed into believing some of the hype surrounding skin care treatments and products. Lets have a look and discuss some of those skin care myths that are so prevalent.
Skin Care Myth no.1 – You don't need to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day
Do you know the number one cause of premature aging? Well you will now – Sun. Even on a cloudy day, the harmful rays of the sun can penetrate deep into your skin causing damage to the cells and in turn making you age much faster. Even on a cloudy day, make sure you wear sunscreen. Read more about sunscreen
Skin Care Myth no.2 – Rubbing your skin really hard is a good way of removing dirt
Please do not do this unless you want your skin to look saggy and leathery. See, if you rub your skin really hard you will damage and irritate the skin. In some cases this will cause redness and make the skin blotchy. A really good alternative is to use a face scrub. Face scrubs are designed to slough off dirt at a deeper level. However, use a face scrub only 2 to 3 times a week. Read more
Skin Care Myth: Continuous use of make-up will damage skin in the long term
Skin Care Myth no. 3 – Continuous use of make-up will damage skin in the long term
Not really, it all depends on how you use it. There's nothing wrong with putting make-up on your face. However, be sure to keep the skin clear by cleansing and moisturising it daily. Also, it is vital that you do not go to bed wearing make-up. Instead, make sure you wash your face and remove all the make-up using facial wipes. That way your skin gets to breathe and doing this while you sleep is the best time.
Skin Care Myth – I can use soap on my face instead of a facial cleanserSkin Care Myth no. 4 – I can use soap on my face instead of a facial cleanser
You cannot. The skin on your body is very different to the skin on your face. Soaps are designed to work on the body to tackle skin that is much harder in texture. While the skin on your face is more delicate. Using soap to cleanse your face will certainly dry out the skin and cause irritation. Therefore, do not do this and instead use a facial cleanser.
Skin Care Myth no. 5 – Expensive products are better than cheaper ones
Unfortunately, even the big brands are guilty of this. So much money is spent on promotion and brand advertising that the actual product itself is very much neglected. In many cases, cheaper products that are found on supermarket shelves are as good as the more expensive ones. I think people have to be clever enough to look beyond the advertising gimmick.


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