Obagi Nu Derm – Product Review

Obagi Nu-Derm: Product Review

I wanted to talk about my experience with the whole Obagi Nu Derm system. I would describe my skin as normal to oily. Luckily I do not suffer from acne, spots or any other skin conditions. However, my skin complexion could be better and I have hyper pigmentation around my mouth area. I also have large pores around my cheeks. Especially in the summer months, my skin becomes oily very easily. Therefore I was looking for a treatment that would deal with these conditions. I wanted something that would make my skin brighter, give it a healthy tone, reduce the pores, control the oil and make my skin smoother.

I booked a consultation with a skin care specialist. After some discussion she recommended I try the Obagi Nu Derm system. However, she explained that there were some creams included in the treatment that she could not give to me unless a Doctor prescribed them.

A week later I went back. The Doctor presented to me a large box. He showed me 7 different creams (the complete obagi nu derm kit). He explained that in the first two to three weeks my skin would go through a ‘peeling effect’. This is where old dead skin cells are pushed up to the surface. They peel off and new ‘fresh’ skin appears. He also explained that as my skin would be peeling off, the newer skin would be more prone to sun damage. Therefore, he insisted that I do not expose myself to too much sun and at all times must use sunscreen.


The products that were given to me were as follows:
– A foaming gel (cleanser). Use both morning and evening
– A toner. Use both morning and evening
– Clear correction cream. Use both morning and evening
– Exfoliation enhancer. Use only in the morning
– Blending cream that had to be mixed with tretinoin cream. Use only in evening
– Sunfader (sun protection; sf15 and spf35). Use only in the morning
The Doctor explained that I had to follow this regime religiously if I wanted to see changes. It wasn't’t until I got home I realised the regime was a bit too demanding. At the initial consultation the nurse should have explained this to me. I was a bit annoyed that she didn't’t disclose this information earlier.


However, now that I paid for it I decided to stick by and try it.The first week my skin looked really bad. It was red, blotchy and really uncomfortable. It looked as if my face had been put inside an oven. I was really conscious about how I looked. People did give me odd stares. But then again I was told the first 2 to 3 weeks would be like this and that the skin would peel. It would feel itchy and dry, but it would improve. However in reality, the peeling actually lasted about 6 weeks. At times I would have a burning sensation around my mouth area. Sometimes it was really uncomfortable. Eventually the itching and burning stopped. But my skin just kept flaking away. What was more annoying was that twice a day, every day I would have to go through this procedure of applying 5 or 6 different creams.

It wasn't’ until about 2 and a half months later that the flaking stopped. Now my skin did look healthy. It did have a shine. But the problem Obagi Nu Derm - Complete setwas I had to be very careful. The new skin that is now on the surface is much more prone to sun damage. Therefore, I had to make sure I applied a thick layer of sunscreen. By now I had realised that this regime wasn't’t for me. I am a busy person, I work. Of course healthy skin is important to me. But the whole idea of using layers of cream to achieve this really didn't’t appeal to me. Furthermore, in order to maintain the results I would still have to continue using it. I decided I wasn't’t going to carry on. I would wait until the products run out and would go back to my previous brands.


Did the obagi nu derm system work? I did notice that my pores were now much smaller than before. My skin did look healthy and it did have a glow. However, I did suffer from hyper pigmentation around my mouth area. Though this was now reduced it wasn't’t completely gone. Also, I don’t think it did anything to remove wrinkles or decrease the laughter lines around my mouth. The clear improvement was definitely on my complexion rather than anything else.

Would I recommend it? Apart from the peeling effect and stinging sensation, the major drawback is that you have to apply 5 or 6 different creams on your face every single day, once in the morning and once in the evening. I don’t think that’s practical. I think companies that produce these sorts of skin care regimes do have to understand that people have busy lives. We simply don’t have so much time. Also, the price was really high. For what I paid I am certain there are much better and cheaper alternatives out there. I no longer use the Obagi range. Having said that, another of my friends has used this where she has suffered less side effects and had better results. So I will leave it up to you to decide.


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