How to Make the Pores on Your Face Smaller


If you notice one thing about young healthy skin, then you will see that not only is the skin nice and smooth but also it tends to have an even tone with less noticeable pores. To achieve this it’s not that difficult, you just need to follow a few basic steps and ensure you have a good cleansing regime.


What Are Pores And Why Do We Have Them On Our Face?

Pores are tiny holes on our skin from which the body’s natural oil, better known as sebum is released. Pores are also present wherever we have hair growing. As much as some of us may hate having these pores, they are necessary. The oil that is produced from the sebaceous gland works to act as a natural moisturiser to the skin. If this wasn’t there, then our skin would appear very dry and cracked.However the issue is that some of us have pores that are very large. 


Can I Reduce The Size Of My Pores?

The truth is it would be incorrect to say that you can completely get rid of the pores. However with How to Make the Pores on Your Face Smallerthe correct skin care you can minimise their size and make them less noticeable. The key to this is to ensure they are kept clean. One of the reasons why the pores on our face appear bigger compared to other parts of the body is because the sebaceous glands are more active on the skin on our face than say our legs. The build-up of dirt and bacteria, not maintaining a good cleansing routine or too much sun exposure all lead to the pores being clogged up by dirt and grime. This in turn stretches the holes and makes them bigger. Other skin problems such as acne, blackheads and pimples will also give you grief.

Let’s look below at some of the ways to deal with these issues and ensure our pores are dirt-free and which hopefully will make them appear smaller.


Remove Makeup – Like most women, if you wear makeup then you must ensure a good cleansing routine is maintained so that your skin is kept clean and free from bacteria. I don’t think people realise, when we apply the dozens of products on our face with a brush or pad, we are actually putting so much bacteria onto our skin. This clogs up the skin causing all sorts of problems, not to mention bigger pores full of dirt.

Therefore, we should ensure we use clean makeup brushes and pads. You can buy anti-bacterial brush cleaners from AmazonBoots, or Superdrug. These remove all the nasty stuff and don’t allow the bacteria to be canvassed onto your entire face.

Secondly, it is vital, I can’t stress this enough girls. Before going to sleep you must ensure all makeup is removed. I would recommend you use a good makeup removing solution or even wipes. After that you can wash you face with a cleanser. Do not go to sleep with makeup! While we’re asleep, that’s the best time for the skin to recover. If it is layered with makeup, the skin can’t do this.

Exfoliate – Washing your face daily with a cleanser is good. However, a cleanser alone is not enough to really get deep inside. Like I mentioned, one of the reasons for the appearance of larger pores is due to the build-up of dirt and bacteria. By implementing a good face scrub into your cleaning regime will mean the skin is cleaned from a much deeper level therefore not allowing the holes to be filled with grime and dirt. I recommend you use a facial scrub 2 to 3 times a week. Read my other post on 'Face Scrub and the Importance of Exfoliating'.

Steam Your Face – Steaming your face once a week is a really effective way to get rid of dirt and bacteria. Steaming the face allows the exfoliation process to be much more effective at unclogging the pores. However, be careful not to over steam the face as it will dry out the skin and will produce more sebum, this will defeat the object of what you are trying to achieve. Only once a week is enough.

Tighten The Skin – This is a really good way to not only minimise the size of pores but it also gives a matte finish. I find that when I apply a toner after washing my face the pores do appear smaller. Also another good tip is to splash some cold water on the face after washing it. This gives a tightening effect on the skin and does reduce the size of pores as well.

Facial Oils – I personally find this a very effective way to minimise the size of my pores, but also it really helps by giving a glow to my skin as well. After washing and drying my face I use olive oil. This works wonders. It smoothens my skin, brightens the complexion and reduces pore size. It’s a very cheap and effective solution. I would recommend olive oil, almond oil or rose water.


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