How to Look After Your Nails


Our nails tell a lot about us. Keeping them clean will ensure they are free from bacteria and dirt, but also, neat and clean nails make us more presentable and will certainly boost our self-confidence. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in that situation where we’ve noticed bad nails and it certainly didn’t leave a good impression on us.

It can be one of those embarrassing things, some nails are either too long and unclean, whereas others have had the misfortune of being chewed off! Either way, I think having clean, cut, healthy nails not only looks good but it says a lot more about us, it lets others know how much we take care of our self and self-appearance.


Let’s look at some of the ways we can achieve clean, healthy nails. How To Look After Your Nails

Trim Your Nails – I appreciate some of you ladies prefer to keep your nails long. However, keeping them too long is not a good idea. Nails that are kept long are more prone to breaking and being damaged, especially the ends. I would recommend that you regularly trim them. That way they are kept neat, tidy and have an even length.

Lotion – When applying lotion on your hands, make sure to also put this onto your nails as well. Having soft tender nails along with soft tender hands will make the overall appearance even more beautiful. Furthermore, cleaning or performing daily things such as using your phone or computer could make your nails dry and cause cracks. Therefore, by applying lotion onto the nails it will ensure they are hydrated and kept soft. This will prevent your nails from breaking or prevent them from cracking.

One of the things that I find really beneficial is using almond oil on my nails. I soak my nails for a few minutes in the oil. After that I gently rub and allow the oil to be fully absorbed. I do this 2 to 3 times a week. I find my nails are not only strong but they have a healthy shine as well. Almond oil also gives glow to the skin as well, read my other post on 'The Benefits of Almond Oil on Skin' .

Don’t Bite Your Nails – It goes without saying, if you are one of those people who have a habit of nail biting, then seriously you need to stop this. Nails that have been bitten are not a pleasant site. There are hygiene issues as well. Dirt and bacteria can sometimes be present under the nails, and if we are biting them, then we are simply putting it all in our mouths!

I understand that for some, nail biting can be a serious problem and you may have to find ways to stop this. Believe it or not you can go to a hypnotherapist who may be able to help. Other alternatives may be to put a bandage around your nails for a while to help you stop.

Harsh Nail Products – when removing nail polish, make sure you use a non-acetone one. You might be tempted to go for the acetone remover as they remove nail polish with less effort. However the downside to using these Is that they are very harsh and tend to remove a lot of the natural oils from the skin. Frequent use will result in your nails becoming very dry and they will split or break very easily. You can get decent removers from your local Boots or Superdrug store.

Manicures – If you are one of those people who love this treatment then you should follow a few simple guidelines. Ensure you visit a reputable salon because, for example if the tools that are being used have not been properly sterilised then it could cause infection. Also avoid having your cuticles removed as again this can cause infection.


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