How to Get White Teeth and Look After Them

When you meet somebody and they greet you with a smile, you can't help but notice their teeth. A pair of good white teeth will add confidence and make you feel positive about yourself. For some having white teeth may simply be an extension of their fashion statement while for others it makes them feel good. Regardless of the reasons, it is very important not only to have white teeth but also ensure they are healthy as well.

In most cases your teeth reflect things such as lifestyle choice, eating habits and of course oral hygiene. Nobody really likes going to the dentist, especially not these days. Not only can it be painful in some instances but it is very expensive! Therefore follow some simple steps to ensure you get that million dollar smile.


Things That will Make Your Teeth White

Baking sodaBrushing your teeth once a week with baking soda will definitely remove stains and help keep your teeth white. Baking Soda works as a mild abrasive that helps remove stains which you may have gathered due to too much coffee, food or smoking. Simply mix a small amount of baking soda with a little water and brush your teeth. However, be careful not too overdo this and only limit it to once a week otherwise it will damage your enamel. Alternatively you can use a toothpaste that has baking soda in it. The amount will not be so high and will be safe for everyday use.
white teethWhitening ProductsThere are some decent whitening products out there on the market that will help bring back the shine to and give you white teeth. For teeth that are a little yellow and stained, these treatments give very good results. However for really stained teeth the only option may be to visit a dentist and get it sorted there. The reason is that majority of the whitening products sold on the market do not have a high level of carbamide peroxide and do not work at a much deeper level.
Good Oral Hygiene – You could avoid many of the expensive procedures by simply looking after your teeth in the first place. Brush your teeth properly, at least twice a day. Make sure to clean your entire mouth, especially the back and inside of the teeth. Use a mouth wash after brushing. This will ensure plaque and bacteria are removed from places where your toothbrush cannot reach. This will help not only keep your teeth white but it will make your mouth fresh as well. 
Fruit and Veg –  Eating apples, pears and carrots is a really good way to promote white teeth. They are very good at cleaning your teeth as they produce more saliva in the mouth which act as cleansers. However strawberries are even better. Strawberries contain a level of acidity that are really good at removing stains to give you really white teeth. A good 'at home' remedy would be to create a strawberry paste and add some baking soda. With this mixture you can brush your teeth. However be sure to rinse your mouth properly and don't overdo this treatment otherwise you will damage your enamel!
Electric Toothbrush Invest in a good electric toothbrush. I find these do wonders. After first starting to use them I found I didn't have to work so hard in trying to clean my teeth. I personally would recommend getting the small headed ones because they are able to reach the back of the mouth and are very easy to maneuver.

Things to Avoid That Will Ruin Your Teeth

SmokingApart from ruining your health and making your pocket lighter it is one of the worst things you can do to your teeth. If you dream of getting white teeth but smoke, then forget about it. Firstly, smoking will increase the chances of oral cancer and gum disease while the nicotine will stain your teeth to a not so attractive yellowish colour. Not to forget the disgusting odor it leaves in your mouth. If you want to achieve white teeth then you must quit this habit!
CoffeeHaving excess cups of coffee throughout the day is certainly a quick way to make your teeth unattractive. Obviously coffee is good for you. It gives you that 'get up and go' feeling in the morning. Therefore when you do drink coffee make sure it is not so dark by diluting it with plenty of milk. the darker the coffee the more stain it will leave.
Fizzy Drinks and Sugary FoodThis is a big no no. These are notorious for damaging tooth enamel. Not only will it make your teeth look unattractive but they are very good at dissolving into the teeth causing your teeth to shrink. Carry on doing this, then eventually you will start having holes in your teeth which will need filling. Save yourself the pain and money. For example, use a straw when drinking. As far as fizzy drinks…have water instead – much healthier option. 

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