How to Get Rid of Spots

There are so many reasons why people get spots. Most people suffer from spots at one time or another in their lives. Most commonly this happens during puberty when there is tremendous amount of hormonal changes in the body. Also genetic factors, stress level, not maintaining a good skin care regime can all contribute to the appearance of spots.
Why do we get spots?
The skin on our face has tiny holes which are called pores. Through our pores a substance known as 'sebum' is produced. When there is an over-production of sebum that mixes in with dead skin, we get spots. If left untreated the area will attract more bacteria and eventually the skin colour will turn red. This is made worse if you scratch or rub the skin.
If the condition turns really bad, you may have to visit your local GP. They may prescribe you medications such as Benzoyl Peroxide. This may cause the skin to initially dry out and then eventually peel the skin to remove the spots. However, those suffering a less serious condition, the below treatments are really good.
You can get rid of spotsSpot Treatments
Tree tea oil – This has very good anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Take a cotton ball and dip this in some tree tea oil and dab onto the affected area. If it irritates the skin then you can always dilute it with a little water. Continue
this until the skin clears.
Salicylic acid – Make sure your daily cleanser contains this ingredient. Salicylic acid, even in small concentration is really good at tackling spots. It not only kills the bacteria but it helps to slough off dead skin at a faster rate. This allows newer skin to grow.
Home face mask – This is a really good and cheap alternative to buying those expensive creams. Mix some oatmeal, honey and egg whites until it forms into a light paste. Apply this to your face about twice a week. You'll soon see the positive results as it will help get rid of spots and give your skin a bright glow.
Dermabrasion – This is the process in which a wire brush or diamond wheel is rolled onto the skin to remove the outer layer. Once this is removed, new, fresher skin appears. Though it may not be required by everybody and most likely it is not cheap. But if you do decide to have this done, it can bring good results.
Watch what you eat – Stay away from oily and greasy take always and drink lots of water. This is a really good way to flush out all the toxins in your body. Also make sure you eat your fruit and vegetables. Sometimes we neglect the health side to our skin and only concentrate on buying products.
Other factors
Sometimes the appearance of spots can be related to the build up of external bacteria that contaminates the skin. Follow some of these tips below to ensure your skin is free from this:
– Clean your make-up brush regularly. How often do you do this? Imagine all that bacteria and dirt that build up. You then use that brush everyday and wonder why you get spots. A very easy way to wash the brush is by mixing a couple of drops of facial cleanser and warm water in a cup. Rinse the brush, dry it, and then you're ready to use it.
– Sanitize your mobile phone regularly. Do you know the amount of bacteria that live on the surface of your phone. Each time you bring it closer to your cheeks and mouth area you are simply asking for trouble. A quick way to avoid this is to wipe your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe. Be safe and avoid this problem.
– Slow down on dairy products. Some dairy products contain ingredients that stimulate oil glands that lead to excess production of sebum. If this is not controlled regularly then the pores will get blocked. Dead skin also gradually builds up, result – blackheads and spots.
In some cases, you could be suffering from a genetic skin condition and following a good skin care regime may not eradicate all the problems. In that case you should visit your GP who can offer prescription medication that will treat the problem from the root.


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