Hair Care: Dos and Donts

Hair is an integral part of one's feature and it is important that it not only looks and feels good but is also healthy at the same time. I sometimes notice people that spend alot of effort on their skin. It's almost like a carefully planned regime. However they seem to be neglectful when it comes to hair. This ranges from minimal attention, not knowing how to tackle some of the problems or using every hair product out there.

So why not let me help you by explaining some of the Dos and Do nots (no pun intended) when it comes to hair care.
Natural ingrediets – As much as commercial products promise to give great results. Many times they contain harmful ingredients. Natural products on the other hand will do wonders. Not only will it look and feel good but it will make your hair healthy. Look for products that are made from natural oils or herbs such as aloe vera, coconut or almond oil.
Hair Care: Dos and Do KnotsBrush properly – I have seen many times how some women brush their hair in such an aggressive manner that I'm surprised that their hair hasn't fallen off! When brushing be gentle and use a  natural wide toothed brush. If you have to go through tangles then be patient and do this gently. Never drag your brush becuase it will certainly damage the hair.
Trim split ends – Every six to eight weeks make sure you trim the split ends. This will make the hair look neater and less likely to break. It also helps it to grow.
Do Nots…
Daily Washing is not good Do not shampoo every single day, it will dry out your hair. Your hair produces its natural oil in order to protect itself. If you are washing it every day then it is as if you are stripping off the protective barrier. Obviously it is important to ensure hair is clean, therefore I would advise washing it two to three times a week. If on the other hand your hair is excessively greasy then you may need to wash it more than the recommended times. 
Hair Straighteners I have a straightener and I do use it. However, using it daily could have real consequences on your hair. Hair sraightener use heat in order to straighten the hair. Doing this on a daily basis will eventually make your hair thin and dull. My advice is to use it sparingly and if your straightener comes with a temperature control then use it at low rather thun full max. Also applying a serum will give some protection against the heat. Otherwise expect hair to look dry, damaged and dull.
Too many products This has been a problem amongst many of my friends. At times it horrifies me to see how many different products and chemicals they use. You have to remember that each product contains so many different chemicals. When you are using these products all at the same time over a long period. You are cetainly asking for trouble. This will eventually cause your hair to fall. It will thin the hair strands and most certainly damage the hair from the root.
Wet Hair – When the hair is wet it is very fragile. Therefore avoid brushing it and wait until it is dry.

Other Useful Methods
Almond oil If you read my other posts, you will know how I just simply love this. Almond oil has so many benefits to enhance one's beauty. One of them being for your hair. By applying sweet almond oil a few times a week you will strengeth your hair cuticles, make it much stronger and will achieve a really healthy shine. It is very useful especially if you have dry, damaged hair.
Yoghurt – If you suffer from dry itchy hair that is a result of using harmful products then a yoghurt hair treatment will really help. Yoghurt has the capabiity to strip dirt and give moisture to the har. Apply a generous amount of plain yoghurt to damp hair and massage this gently. Let the yoghurt sit for about 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. After that you can shampoo the hair as you normally would. You can do this once a week to achieve strong vibrant hair.

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