Garnier Moisture Match Product Review

The marketing gimmick these days, especially when it comes to beauty products is so clever. As most of you know I am always on the look out for new and better skin care products. Whilst shopping at my local boots store I approached the skin care area. Amongst the many product all staring at me I chose the Garnier Moisture Match cream – Why? Firstly Garnier have been very clever on this range. They have a selection of products aimed at different skin type, covering normal, oily to dry skin. The one I purchased is clearly labeled 'Normal Skin'. I think this really helps because sometimes you overlook this point and end up buying a cream that is not even suited to your skin. Secondly, the moisturiser has SPF, this meant I didn't have to buy a sunscreen on top of my moisturiser and thirdly it says it will illuminate the skin which got me a bit curious. Let's see if the Garnier Moisture Match cream lives up to its claims.

Garnier Moisture Match 50ml


What the cream contains/claims to do

It says on the packaging that the cream is a light non greasy formula that offers UV protection (SPF 20) and 24 hour hydration. It is oil free and is quick to absorb into the skin. It will leave the skin feeling soft and illuminated. In terms of some of the active ingredients; it has vitamin B3, lemon extract and light reflecting pigments that help illuminate the skin. Finally it says 'apply in the morning all over the face to visibly improve skin texture'.

Garnier Moisture Match Product


My Verdict

The cream has a light but pleasant smell. In terms of the thickness of the cream, I normally prefer something a little lighter that sits on the face without feeling too heavy. This cream on the other hand is slightly heavy. However, I'm not complaining as everyone has their own preference. Also, because the Garnier Moisture Match cream has SPF included you would normally expect it to be a little heavy. The cream did help hydrate my skin, and it did this all throughout the day – So well done there. Did it illuminate my skin? It certainly did give my skin a glow. In terms of smoothness, I wouldn't say it made my skin feel really smooth. To be fair it doesn't claim to do this any way.

All in all I think it is a decent cream that deserves to be tried. Also the price tag I think is very reasonable. You can purchase it from Boots or Superdrug.


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