Eye Cream – How to choose a good one?

One of the major signs of premature aging or aging itself is wrinkled, dry, dark and saggy skin around the eyes. Do you know that if the eye area is looked after and taken proper care of then it can really take years off your appearance. In fact it is fair to say that the first signs of aging start around the eyes before spreading to other parts of your face. Therefore it is very important that we buy the right product to combat these conditions.

However, this is easy said than done. The first problem you encounter is that there are so many eye creams all claiming to be the best that you simply are left confused and (rightly so) cant make up your mind. The second challenge that you face is not understanding the long list of ingredients and whether they really do what they claim. Therefore, let me go through some basic tips that can help you decide how to go about buying the right eye cream.

Eye Cream – How to choose a good one?
Know what problem you are trying to overcome
As obvious as it may sound, it is in fact a good starting point. If for example, reducing wrinkles is not your main priority. But instead you suffer from dark circles then clearly when buying the eye cream you should look and search for one that is created for that purpose. This way you at least narrow it down.
Know the ingredients
Pick up some really good eye creams and you will notice that the following ingredients will be present in most of them. What is equally important is that the ingredients have to be potent and free from too much dilution. That way they target and really work on the skin.
Vitamin C, E, K  – These are very good in helping aid collagen production and skin elasticity. If you have dark circles then vitamin K is vital because it will really help in diminishing pigments and make the skin appear brighter.
Cucumber – You don't need to be an expert to know that cucumber is a key ingredient when it comes to eye cream. It will reduce dark circles and depuff the eyes. Just try getting a cool cucumber slice and placing it over your eyes for 10 minutes. It instantly gives a cool and refreshing effect.
Caffeine – If you suffer from puffy eyes then caffeine is one ingredient you should really look for. One of the causes of puffy eyes is the build up of fluids beneath the under eye skin (this is known as water retention). As the skin under the eyes is thin it is more visible than say your cheeks. How does caffeine help you ask? It narrows the blood vessels, thus reducing the puffyness of bags.
Retinol – I was in two minds weather to include this in my list. For some, they may not be able to tolerate the retinol and it can cause a slight burning sensation. However, for those that can tolerate it and are willing to be patient then this can really help tackle fine lines and wrinkles. In some cases the appearance may initially look worse, however as the skin gets used to it then the results can be very good.
I normally stress the importance of choosing right, chemical free products. When it comes to eye cream, it is even more important because the skin around the eyes is much thinner and absorbs much faster than other parts of the face. Therefore the right eye cream will really do wonders while the wrong eye cream will certainly cause damage.

Eye Gel or Eye Cream?

I asked a lot of my friends and tried to do my mini research as to which one is better or more popular. I think what is more important is the active ingredients rather than anything else. However, generally it is agreed that the gel is more appropriate for combination or oily skin where as the cream based ones are more suited to normal or dry skin. I'll let you decide which you prefer.

Expensive products are not necessarily the best

During my late teens I had this false belief that the more expensive a product was the better it would work. Unfortunately after wasting a lot of money on quite a lot of useless products I learnt the hard way. One of the ways to counteract this myth is first of all remove the misconception that expensive creams are the best just because they cost more. Secondly, talk to people. Ask what products your friends are using and get them to give you honest feedbacks. Read products reviews (however be cautious, in some cases these could be fake). Comment below and tell me what eye cream has worked for you. Would love to know :)


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