How to Exfoliate Your Feet

Let’s be honest, feet that are dry, cracked or rough are really unpleasant to the eye. Not only is this a really embarrassing sight but in some cases it can be very painful as well. Therefore exfoliating your feet is not only a beauty tip but it is a must if you want to ensure your feet remain healthy, smooth and free from bacteria.


Why should you exfoliate your feet anyway?

By neglecting proper care, over time the condition of your feet will no doubt deteriorate. For example, being on your feet all day, wearing tight uncomfortable footwear, or poor washing habits will leave your feet looking dull and rough. In some extreme cases, poor feet hygiene is a good way to attract bacteria and other foot diseases. 

One of the most obvious sights of bad feet is when the skin on your feet is dry, cracked and rough. This happens because dead skin cell rises to the top layer and overtime builds up, making your feet look horrible (to put it pleasantly). By removing this dead skin and massaging your feet you will get better blood circulation to that area and your feet will look and feel smoother. It will also help reduce some of the aches and pains in your feet as well.


Below are some tips to consider:

Wash Your Feet  – I know it sounds so simple but trust me.  When I mean wash I mean wash. Not just putting soap on it and rinsing it off with water. Put soap then scrub both the top and the bottom part. Don’t forget to scrub in-between the fingers, sides and the ankles as well.

Pumice Stone – These do wonders. If you don’t have a pumice stone you must get one! They are Feet Exfoliatingexcellent when it comes to sloughing off and removing dead skin. The granulate texture of the stones are designed to really remove dirt and bring circulation to the feet. Just be careful not to scrub too vigorously.

Exfoliating Foot Creams – These are very similar to pumice stones but slightly less effort is required when scrubbing. The best way is to lather the scrub into your feet and scrub in circular motions. After this, allow the scrub to sit for a little while before washing off with water. Doing this regularly will keep your feet smooth and soft.

Foot Moisturiser – After cleansing our face we moisturise, the same applies to our feet as well. By moisturising the feet after exfoliating helps repair and seal the skin. Ideally I would advise moisturising the feet at night just before going to sleep. That way you are not required to walk and the feet are able to rest. An added tip would be to wear some socks to seal the moisture even more.

Pampering Foot Massage – Not only is this a really calming and distressing experience, it really is a great way to loosen the muscles and in your feet and bring some flexibility. Also a good foot massage will bring back glow to your feet as well as the massage helps in better blood circulation.

Oils – If you cannot afford paying for foot massages then simply get either some almond or olive oil and massage this onto your feet. These two oils have so many endless benefits and no doubt will really beatify and add benefits to your feet.


Further tips

  • Wear footwear that is comfortable and the correct size. It can be tempting to squeeze into a smaller pair of high heels but let’s face it, you’re just going to damage and deform the shape of your feet. Many studies have shown wearing high heels for long durations can lead to problems such as ingrown toenails, joint degeneration and irregular foot shape. On top of that, it is very uncomfortable walking on your tip toes all day.

  • Wear clean socks. Firstly, by wearing clean socks your feet are not going to smell. But also bacteria and other foot germs will be kept at bay.

  • Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day. By doing this your shoes will get worn out very quickly and air isn't allowed to circulate and will no doubt contribute to sweaty feet.

Amazon, Boots and Superdrug have a really good range of foot scrubs and pumice stones.


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