Eucryl Tooth Powder: Stain Removing That Actually Works!

Let me guess, you probably spent a fortune on so many of those teeth whitening or bleaching products over the internet. You bought the product in the hope to bring back that dazzling bright smile you once had, only to be disappointed. 

I find it absolutely shocking how people are being ripped off by buying products that simply don’t work. Well, today I am going to talk about a product that actually works for a change and one that will not put a dent in your wallet.


Let’s be honest, having a bright smile is not only about good hygiene, it’s also about confidence as well. Going to a job interview with really bad, stained teeth may hold you back from getting that job which you desperately want. Or it could stop you from smiling and putting yourself out there in social situations. Of course you could visit your dentist and pay somewhere in the region of £500 for teeth whitening. You may even consider buying those teeth whitening kits on the internet. In my case I’ve tried the latter, and trust me, it was a waste of my hard earned money, until now.

A while ago I came across a product called Eucryl Tooth Powder. This product can be found at your local Boots, Superdrug or Lloyds Pharmacy store. It comes in Original, and Freshmint flavour. You can even get freshmint toothpaste (I haven’t tried this).

I have to say, I have tried many whitening products in the past and they all have been disappointing. The reason is, they are very expensive and either don’t work or the procedure is too long and complicated.  The Eucryl Tooth Powder on the other hand is completely different and I am simply in love with this product. 


Eucryl Tooth Powder Stain Removing That Actually Works!


What Does Eucryl Tooth Powder Help With?

Smoking – If you are a smoker then most likely your teeth are stained due to the nicotine and tar. The Eucryl Tooth Powder will definitely remove the stains and bring back the original colour of your teeth.

Tea and Coffee – Some of us drink too much of this and really stain our teeth in the process. This product is very good at tackling and removing this stain.

Wine – Wine can really discolour your teeth, especially red wine. Rather than give up red wine, you can brush your teeth twice a week with this.

Plaque – I get the feeling this product is being advertised as a teeth whitener (which it is). However it is also really good at removing the plaque in your teeth as well.  

For even better results I suggest you use an electric toothbrush and brush thoroughly. You will see noticeable change. Your teeth will not only be whiter, they will also feel much cleaner as well.

How to Use Eucryl Tooth Powder

Wet your toothbrush, shake off the surplus water and press into the powder. Brush your teeth the way you normally do. However, a caution to note, for effective stain removing it should only be used once or twice a week in addition to your normal toothpaste. If used more than that, it could strip the enamel of your teeth.

Once you have removed the stains, you should stop or at least reduce using it.



  • Leave’s your teeth feeling smooth and clean

  • Leaves a mild minty flavour in your mouth

  • Removes tea and coffee stains

  • Removes cigarette stains

  • Long lasting as only a small amount is needed for effective treatment

  • Really cheap compared to the super expensive products that don’t work. I think I paid £1!



Can’t really find anything bad about this product.  Except that you should only use this once or twice a week as the product is quite abrasive.


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