Cleanser: Why You Should Wash Your Face Daily?

Using a cleanser is an integral part of daily skin care regime. In fact it is the first thing we do – we wash our face before putting on moisturiser or make-up. Remember, our skin goes through a lot of torture throughout the day. It gets exposed to environmental pollution which build up dirt, grime and bacteria. Also, women expose their skin to a lot of cosmetic products by applying make-up on their face. Men on the on the hand, could be argued do not really give their skin the care and attention it deserves. Therefore, because of these reasons it is important that we clean our face with a cleanser so that it gets rid of dirt, bacteria, grime and gives the skin a fresh and clean feel.

Even if you don’t wear make-up, you still have to wash your face with a cleanser. There are many reasons for this. For example, washing the face helps to prepare the skin for other treatments such as moisturising or using a serum. Imagine putting moisturiser on dirty skin – It will make the skin look even worse. Also, washing regularly will help remove dead skin from the surface of the face, allowing for a fresher radiant look.
Cleanser: Why You Should Wash Your Face Daily?Different Skin Types Need Different Cleansers
Before rushing out and buying an expensive cleanser, you have to first know your skin type. As I have mentioned on this site so many times – knowing and understanding your skin and using products that are suited to it is the difference between having great skin or having really bad skin. Buying expensive products that are not suited to your skin type is simply a waste of money and will certainly damage the skin.
Skin types range from oily, normal, combination, dry to acne prone. First know your skin type, and then buy a cleanser that is made suited to it.

Do not…

Do not assume that rubbing your skin hard will get rid of dirt. You will certainly damage the skin. This will create wrinkles and will make the skin look rough and leathery. Instead of rubbing, just gently massage the cleanser onto the face in a circular motion. The idea is to make sure it is spread evenly. Also make sure you use warm water as this will ensure that the pores are opened up so that the foam or gel will penetrate into the skin. Leave the cream on the face for at least a minute. Many people make the mistake of removing it too soon. This doesn't’t really give time for the ingredients to work.


Do not use body soaps as cleansers. Trust me this will dry out your skin. The skin on our face is different to the skin on the body. Body soaps have a high PH balance and are no way designed for the face. If you do decide to use it, expect the skin to dry out or cause irritation.


Now that you've done the hard work, make sure you protect the skin. After washing the face it is vital that you seal the skin by applying moisturiser. Otherwise, the skin is left unprotected and it won't be a matter of time that the dirt and grime build up again.


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