Botanics Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream Review

As with all the big brands, they seem to love introducing their own range. Even the supermarkets do this. With the skin care industry this is no different. In fact along with the Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream, Boots have a whole variety of other products in this range. Covering everything from skin care, hair care, washing and bathing to products designed specifically for men.

The reason why I purchased the Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream is because I had read some really good reviews about the product and wanted to test it myself.

Ingredients: As it is so common these days, most skin care products seem to have an endless list of ingredients. This is no exception when it comes to the Triple Age Renewal Day Cream. I don’t personally like putting so many ingredients on my face. However, amongst the many, this moisturiser does have sweet almond oil, shea butter, citric acid and soy bean. These I know are good for the skin. 

What the Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream claims to do

The product description on Boots’ website explains that it is an intensely hydrating moisturiser that will leave the skin feeling lifted and firm, whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

It further claims that the product has superior UVA/UVB protection and its formula contains vitamins A, C and E which work to maintain and restore skin elasticity and give smoother, younger looking skin.


The Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream comes in a 50ml white round shaped tub. In terms of the cream’s texture; I would describe this as a medium to thick spread.  In my view, if your skin is a little dry then you may need to go over a few times before it sits and penetrates into the skin.  However, if on the other hand you have normal or combination skin, then it really glides over the surface very nicely and you can instantly feel it.

In terms of how long does it last? I bought the cream from my local Boots store about 2months ago. Though I do not apply this particular one every day, I do use it quite frequently and so far more than half is still left.

Botanics Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream Review


My View

Sun Protection – I cannot stress enough. Whenever you buy a moisturising cream you have to make sure it has SPF.  One of the major factors of premature ageing is the constant exposure to the sun. This ruins the skin as the ultraviolet rays damage the fibres of the skin and make it appear saggy, stretchy and wrinkly. The Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream has SPF in it.  Which means it not only moisturise the skin but it also offers sun protection.  Read more about the importance of sun protection.

Good Moisture – I find, especially in the morning when I have washed my face and I apply the cream, it definitely gives a cool matte finish. I have combination skin and it is very easy for me to apply the cream on my face. I do tend to get dry skin around my mouth area and this cream certainly helps to hydrate and tackle the dryness. Also those with sensitive skin will really find this moisturiser effective as it didn’t cause any bad reaction on my skin.

Smell – There are some creams which seem to have a ‘not so pleasant’ smell about them. However with this cream this is not the case.  It has a very mild and pleasant smell. I would describe the smell as a light, organic, plant smell. It is the presence of purple orchards in my view that give off this really nice smell.

Price – Compared to some of the other high end products I think the price is very reasonable. I think I paid about £8.99 for mine. The entire Botanics range in my view is reasonably priced.

Wrinkles – This is the only downside about this product. The product is promoted as something that will ‘reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks’. I’m afraid this isn’t 100% true. I’ve been applying the product for more than 4 weeks and yes, I may accept there has been a subtle reduction in my fine lines. But no way would I say they are noticeable. So if you do buy this product do not expect it to be a miracle cure for your wrinkles.

Having said all that I would still say this is a good moisturiser. Compared to many of the other ones, I think the price you pay and for what you get it is worth it. 

The Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream can be ordered from Boots.


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