Benefits of Exercise to your Skin

We all know that exercise has so many benefits to your overall health. However, you shouldn't be surprised to know that exercise also benefits the skin in many ways. It keeps you looking young, helps minimise free radicals and promotes a healthy glowing complexion by producing more of its natural oils that keep the skin feeling soft and supple. Below we look at some of the reasons why exercising is so important for healthy skin.

When we perform cardiovascular exercise, we sweat. Sweating is a very good way for the body to get rid of toxins. These toxins over time can cause pores to clog up, thus contributing to bad skin. The body only has so many ways to get rid of toxins, i.e. liver, kidneys and skin. Therefore, you should see exercise as a way of washing the skin from the inside.

Exercise increases blood flow in the body. It nourishes skin cells and promotes vitality because more blood flow means more oxygen. Blood flow is also a key component when dealing with the body's waste products – free radicals. The excessive existence of free radicals in the body will no doubt cause many skin conditions such as acne and eczema and make you age much faster. Some of the most common cause of free radicals are smoking, stress and obesity. Some of which, can be minimised by exercising.

Another major contributor to bad skin is stress. When we are stressed, not only does this affect our physical appearance but it shows through our skin. Most obviously it affects our sleep. Lack of sleep especially takes its Benefits of exercise to your skintoll around the eye area – dark circles. Therefore, by exercising, the quality of our sleep improves and we are able to avoid tired looking eyes.

Exercise keeps the muscles in your body toned. Toned muscle helps to hold the skin together and minimises the appearance of cellulite, especially around the thighs and buttocks. Furthermore, exercise also strengthens the body's healing ability. This means, skin that is cut or scarred is able to heal much quickly. With all these benefits not only to the skin but your overall health it is no secret how important exercise is. If you want to stay fit, young and have really good skin, make sure you exercise!


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