Benefits of Almond Oil on Skin

We all know that almond oil is used in food preparation. It has many useful vitamins and essential minerals. It is rich in vitamin E and contains magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. However, you’ll be amazed to know that the benefits of almond oil go beyond consumption. It has so many other useful benefits on your skin as well.
Almond oil as a skin moisturiser
Regular topical application of sweet almond oil will illuminate your skin and make it really soft, supple and give it a magnificent glow. It really takes years off your skin by making it much smoother with less visible wrinkles and fine lines. If you suffer from hyper pigmentation, use almond oil. Not only will this improve your complexion but it will even-out your skin tone by providing a much uniform tone as it helps keep the moisture level in your skin balanced. It is also ideal for people with rough or really dry skin.
Almond oil to help combat aging
Almond oil contains an abundance of vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential when it comes to tackling sun damage. You may not know this but the number one reason for premature aging is too much exposure to the sun. Almond oil helps by protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Find out how sun exposure affects skin.
We also know that the eye area is the first victim when it comes to aging. Dark circles will make you look tired, rugged and make your skin look dull. By applying almond oil around your eyes it helps to minimise the dark circles and gives the eyes a more refreshing look. Read more about dealing with dark circles.
How to use
Almond oil has many benefits on skinYou can go to your local supermarket and purchase a bottle. However, be sure to buy one that is ‘natural’ rather than artificial. Also, make sure it is sweet almond oil as opposed to bitter almond oil. The best time to apply is at night. Using your regular cleanser, wash your face with warm water or you can apply steam to your face as well. This will open up the pores, allowing the oil to penetrate much deeper into the skin. Gently dry your face with a towel. Then apply the oil over your face. Do not apply too much that it becomes really oily. However, apply generously. Overnight, as you sleep, you will allow all the rich content to fully absorb into your skin. Then in the morning just wash it off with a cleanser as you normally would. If you do this regularly then soon you will have really radiant and glowing complexion.
Why stop only at face. Almond oil can be used on your hair as well. It will give strength and shine to the hair. It is useful for dry itchy hair because it really nourishes and smooths the hair cuticles. It can also be used on the body for massages to relieve aches and pains. For both these uses and to get optimum effect, it is best to warm the oil and then apply.
So there you have it. The benefits of almond oil. It is a must for any person looking to maintain a healthy glow to their complexion. Try it. You will not be disappointed.


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  1. I use almond oil for my face n hair every day. I can’t be more happy :-)

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