Beauty Tips – How to Look Good

Beauty – What does it mean to look beautiful? No doubt this is a very subjective question. What beauty means to one person will differ for another. However, there is a common agreement that to be beautiful means something that is pleasing to the eye. Other factors such as how someone walks, talks, dresses and carries themselves all contribute to the idea of epitomising beauty.

Skin complexion – For some reason, though entirely personal, I always promote the idea of 'natural beauty'. Sometimes people have the tendency to over do it. For example, there's nothing wrong in having a tan but where a person has spent their entire life in a tanning salon the results are not very attractive. Instead, if you want an illuminating and glowing skin tone, you should apply almond oil to your face at night. This will the give the skin a healthy glow and make it really soft and supple. Read more about the benefits of Almond oil.

Remove make-up at night – Before going to sleep make sure you wipe off all make-up by cleansing your face or by using facial wipes. During the day the skin builds a layer of dirt and grime. By washing the face at night not only does it remove the make-up but all the dirt and grime are also removed. Furthermore, during the night our skin repairs itself. But if its layered with products, then it cannot really do that and as a consequence the appearance of blackheads, pimples and spots are more likely to occur.

Beauty tips - Having the right hairstyle can really enhance your featuresTeeth – They say that a wonderful smile can illuminate an entire room. Make sure you look after your teeth. Most obviously, you should brush your teeth twice a day and avoid smoking, coffee, fizzy drinks and chocolates. However, a really good way to remove stains and whiten teeth is to mix a strawberry with baking soda and brush your teeth (do this only once a week otherwise the abrasion will damage the enamel). You'll notice how it brightens your teeth and gives that extra confidence to your smile.

Eye Care – It is important to look after the skin on you face. However, people often neglect the skin around the eyes. Do you know that the first signs of aging start there. Make sure you buy a good eye cream as they are designed for this delicate area. Also, never rub the skin around the eyes, instead gently pat the cream on.

Hairstyle – People's face shapes come in all forms and sizes. If you want to enhance your facial beauty then it is important that the hairstyle you choose matches your face shape. Experiment with different styles. However be sure to go with a style that will enhance your facial features.

Right skin care products –  Expensive creams are not always the best at dealing with your skin problems. Unfortunately this is more of a marketing gimmick than reality. We are made to believe that the more expensive a cream is the better the results. Some even have ridiculous harmful ingredients. In some cases, using ingredients in your kitchen will work better than some of the expensive products sitting on the cosmetic beauty shelves. That's why you should go for products with natural ingredients. That way your skin will not be exposed to unnatural or harsh chemicals.


Other Beauty Tips

High Cheek Bones – If you are blessed with high cheek bones you're very lucky. However, if you aren't but simply want to create that look, then a really good way is to apply a slightly darker colour tone of make up on the upper cheek bone area while the area below the cheek bone has a softer tone.

Height – If you are slightly short then you should wear darker colours. Also avoid horizontal patterns and instead go for vertical style designs. If you want to make your legs appear taller, you should wear your trousers higher up your waist.

Dress for the occasion – Don't have the habit of sticking to a certain style. Experiment with yourself. If you're at a formal party, make sure you are dressed elegantly. If on the other hand the occasion demands you to be casual, then be casual.

Confidence – In my view the most important of all beauty tips. See, the human mind is a lot more interesting than you think. If you are lucky enough to be good looking then don't assume that it automatically equates to beauty. Beauty is a lot more than that. A person who carries confidence, creates a positive energy around them. They attract people and generally are fun to be around.


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