Anti Aging Creams – Do they Really Work?

Anti aging creams are amongst the most sold products in the developed world. But has anyone really taken the time and effort to really find out whether they really work. See unfortunately, the beauty industry is worth around a staggering £15 billion in the UK alone. Due to this reason, anyone and everyone will try to penetrate into this market. When you walk down a supermarket aisle, you are in a sea of so many skin care products. Many claiming to be miracle anti aging creams that will make you look 20 years younger. Also, with the growth of the internet this problem has got even worse. Now you have companies, from large to small, trying to sell their miracle anti aging creams to a global audience.
Why do we get old?
Strange, but an important question. Rather than delve into a scientific explanation, let's just stick to skin and old age! One of the most important factors of being young and having wrinkle free skin is the existence of elastin and collagen in our skin. However, as we grow old the skin loses elastin and the production of collagen start depleting. Now it is these so called miracle anti aging creams and pills that claim to increase collagen production and help the skin to hold itself together – We'll talk about collagen later on but lets just have a look at some of the products and treatments out there on the market.
Anti Aging Creams
I do believe that there are some really good anti aging creams out there. However, when I talk about 'anti aging creams', I am not referring to those miracle cures that make you look 20 years younger. Instead, I'm talking about creams that will make the skin look healthy or reduce wrinkles rather than completely erase them. I think having healthy skin is more important than simply having a wrinkle free face!
The main problem is that there are just too many anti aging creams in the market and all claim to be the best. In some cases, some of the creams will do you more harm than good. Furthermore, we tend to believe that if a product is expensive then surely it must work. The brands know this and they play this to their advantage. My advice to you is if you are going to buy anti aging creams then don't just look at the marketing gimmick or price. Instead look at the ingredients (make sure they have retinol) and avoid products with harsh chemicals. Also, where you see products with ingredients such as hydroquinone or tretinoin (in high potency), avoid them.
Most anti aging creams are too good to be trueBotox
The world of celebrity has a fanatical obsession when it comes to botox. It's not only the women who are using it but also increasing number of men as well. Personally, I wouldn't promote the use of botox. There are many reasons, for example, the treatments are very expensive and the effects will only last about 3 to 6 months. The idea of putting needles (even though it maybe painless) into my skin isn't a pleasant thought. It is also fair to say that if you look at some celebrities who have overused this treatment; their 'look' doesn't come across 'natural'. Instead their face looks 'plasticky'.
Anti Aging Pills
Anti aging pills have been around for many years. However I get the impression their marketing and availability over the recent years has increased more than ever. In short, they DO NOT WORK. What the makers of these anti aging pills claim is that the pills will increase collagen production and as a result your skin will look young. However, the problem is that collagen molecules are highly complex and it isn't even possible for them to enter into the bloodstream via pills. So the question of them working is ruled out immediately. Therefore I don't think you should really spend your hard earned money on them.
So, What's the Answer?
I think we all have to expect that growing old is just part of life. However, growing old doesn't mean having terrible skin. I think we should aim to grow old gracefully. I know this is easier said than done. One of the major causes of skin damage and acceleration of premature aging is the sun. Read more
I know you might have heard all this before, but honestly. Rather than spending a fortune on anti aging creams I think you should aim to eat a healthy balanced diet, do lots of exercise, protect yourself from the sun, avoid smoking and lower alcohol consumption. Some people, even in their fifties have better skin than some 20 year olds all because of a good skin care regime and a good lifestyle choice.


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