6 Ways to Really Look After Your Hair

I wrote a similar post a while ago regarding how to look after your hair. However, recently while having a conversation with some friends, the topic of hair and how to look after it came up. To my amazement, some of my friends were doing things to their hair that made me pull a discomfort look on my face. This in turn made me think I need to write another post to give some good tips regarding how to really look after your hair.
When it comes to hair care, I think it’s more about doing less and avoiding certain things rather than using every product under the sun. As they say, sometimes less is more and getting healthy, strong, shiny hair is not as difficult as you may think. Let’s look below at some of the things you need to avoid.


Do Not Shampoo Every Day – Our hair produces its natural oil in order to keep it moisturised. Of course hair gets dirty due to external factors such as pollution or dirt so we have to wash it. But washing it daily strips out the natural oil that the hair produces and instead hair becomes dry, dull and more prone to breakage. Therefore, I would advise that you can probably go without shampooing your hair for 2 to 3 days. Those who have fine hair or those who live in a humid environment can wash more often.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals – I’ve never really been a fan of strong hair dyes or shampoos filled with chemical names that I cannot even pronounce. Therefore when buying products I always make an effort to go for ‘more natural’ ingredients. They are as effective and are much kinder to my hair than the harsher products. The problem with harsh products is that long term they will certainly do damage. The most obvious problems range from hair fall, dull texture, split ends to itchy scalp.

There are some really good natural shampoos such as coconut, aloe vera and almond oil that you can buy from organic beauty stores.

Be Careful With Straighteners – Overusing equipment such as straighteners can really damage your hair. The most obvious point being; overtime hair will become very dry and dull. Split ends will also easily form. Therefore you 6 Ways to Really Look After Your Hairshould use straighteners less, but if you insist on using them then I would at least recommend you buy some heat protective spray and use that before straightening and make sure to set the temperature at a low heat.

Clean Your Brush – It doesn’t matter how clean your hair is, if you are using dirty brushes or combs then you are simply putting bacteria back into your hair. Unclean brushes and hair equipment are a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore it is important to remove the hairs from your brush and once a month give a thorough clean – you can use wipes to clean straighteners and hairdryers and shampoo-clean you combs and brushes.

Trim Split Ends – If your hair is prone to split ends, I would recommend you get them trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. That way the dry damaged hair on the ends are removed and this allows hair to be smoother and it also aids in hair growth, otherwise hair is more likely to appear rough and hard to manage. There are decent conditioners in the market that are designed for those who suffer from split ends.

Environmental Factors – Staying out in the sun for long durations will certainly affect the health of your hair. Hair that has been exposed to heat will tend to be more dry and lifeless. The most obvious advice would be to wear a hat or cover your hair. However, there are hair care products that will give some protection from the heat.

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